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Professional Dry Cleaning 

in Aldwick

Dress to impress in freshly cleaned clothes with our laundry service. Craigweil News have a professional dry-cleaning service – offering pick-up and delivery too!

Suits and Trousers

Whether you need a freshly cleaned suit for an interview, or you want to look your best at work, you can rely on us for convenient dry cleaning. We can help you to clean your clothes conveniently when you don't have the time, offering the service as a middle man to clean work trousers, suits, and other garments at very reasonable prices.

Fast Turnaround

Get your suit back fast! We do pickups on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whichever day you choose for pickup, your clothes will be ready and dry cleaned by the next pickup date. For example, if we receive your item on Monday, it will be done by Wednesday.

Call Craigweil News today to discuss our dry-cleaning services! Get in touch today in Aldwick, West Sussex, for more information on our laundry services.